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Welcome to the section of my site I’ve reserved for guest authors/bloggers, as well as to share sites who’ve been kind enough to host me.

First up, fellow New Libri author Debra Borys, author of Painted Black and Bend Me, Shape Me, the first two books in her Street Stories series, generously allowed me to reveal how it is I sleep at night.

Next, I stopped in over at Jenn Loring’s site and explained why I don’t believe “believe” in Jack the Ripper. Jenn’s a fellow horror/thriller writer with whom I had the pleasure of sharing several classes at Seton Hill University in the Writing Pop Fiction program.

In December 2011, fellow writer Stephanie Wytovich, poetry editor for Raw Dog Screaming Press, locked me up in the “Madhouse” where I discussed the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I’m due to be locked up again on May 20, topic TBA.

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